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In Qvevri Veritas

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We are a lean team of dedicated professionals aspiring to revive and bolster the art of making Georgian qvevri organic earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage, and ageing of traditional Georgian wine—our nation’s prized tradition dating back to 8,000 years ago.

Georgia, our homeland in the Caucasus, is the recognized birthplace and cradle of wine, grape juice that ferments to be reborn and emerge as a new creation. Just think about it! The word wine in many languages of the world, including English, stems from the Georgian word ghvino.

In many civilizations of the world, notably in the Bible, God creates man from clay, a material ready to take in the breath of life and give rise to a new creation. Something similar happens when grape juice ferments in a qvevri vessel, when material and spiritual forces come together. And here is how.

The qvevri vessel is the womb seeing this rebirth through and nourishing the newborn baby wine. Wines have their individual personalities, the reason why each qvevri is shaped individually by us to fashion a new character each time—to facilitate a perfection union of the material and the spiritual. Better still, while molding our unique, authentic earthenware creations, our master craftsmen hum unmatched Georgian polyphonic chants peculiar just to the given qvevri, and in a way perform a special ritual, so that the qvevri may blossom forth, embrace grape juice, dote over it, and enable it to spread its wings and make its presence known as the unrepeatable Georgian wine celebrated throughout the world.

But wait, there's more!

Our qvevri vessels use very specific organic clay extracted at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, one of the most ancient ranges in history, a factor largely defining the unique character of local clay—organic, environment-friendly, and time-tested. Besides, what makes this material so exquisite is the precisely observed timing of harvest. And here is why.

We collect our material only in summer, once a month, on a new moon, and only a limited amount of it, an approach based on great empirical knowledge. The trick is that the emergence of a new moon brings about excessive precipitation and changing weather conditions, creating the most beneficial environment for the emergence of clay perfectly suitable for our qvevri wombs.

Our custom-made qvevri vessels come with individual certificates speaking to their unique personalities, and each qvevri’s body boasts the carved signature of its creator, a professional qvevri¬-master.

Come join our mesmerizing world of qvevri vessels—the only tried and true womb carrying some of the finest wines—shape your own wine with the help of these ideal nurses, and enjoy the fruit of your labor to the fullest!